Holiday Gift Guide: #WhatAlexLikes

Hello there,

I feel so happy right now. Christmas is near and I turned in my last assignment of the semester yesterday… What could be better? Now that I don’t have to worry about doing homework every night after work, I can do what I do best. Shop.

Christmas shopping brings me so much joy; I just love finding gifts for those I love and surprising them. Since not everyone is as keen on holiday shopping as I am, I thought I’d create a gift guide that will hopefully inspire someone else’s gift-giving this year.

Without further delay, please read on for my holiday gift guide which includes five unique and fun gifts:



Movie Review: Beyond the Lights

I’m currently on a high. Thanks to Essence magazine, last night I was able to attend a screening of Gina Prince-Bythewood’s Beyond the Lights, a film about the unexpected romance between an LAPD officer named Kaz (played by the handsome Nate Parker) and a British pop star named Noni Jean (played perfectly by Gugu Mbatha-Raw). Kaz and Noni meet when he rescues her from a suicide attempt while doing a colleague a favor by working his shift as private security.

Noni’s mother (played by Minnie Driver) is the epitome of a stage-mom.  As Noni’s manager, she is more concerned with Noni breaking records in the music industry than she is about her health and well-being.  Kaz, on the other hand, is immediately concerned about Noni’s emotional problems and wants to save her throughout the entire film.

It is not my goal to spoil the film so I won’t give you a detailed play-by-play, I’ll simply share some thoughts I had while watching the film…



Home Decor: Grey is IN!

If you’re anything like me, looking at home decor photos is one of your favorite pastimes. With the browsing comes the undeniable inspiration and for me the color grey has become an interior design favorite. I’m inspired by the coolness of grey. I love how you can pair it with virtually any color and it’d look great. In the past I’ve purchased mainly black items and my family accused me of being too masculine in my taste. I’m not a fan of too much white because I live at home and my chances of staining my things are really great. And plus, I just really like color.

And then there was grey…

Grey is just that color that conquers all and I hope to incorporate plenty of grey in the design of the home I move into next month. If you can’t tell by my recent posts, I’m pretty eager to decorate. Until I start, I thought it’d be a good idea to share some of the images that inspire me.

Gray Paint

Grey paint in the bedroom would look wonderful!

Grey Furniture

It works just as well in a living room.

It works just as well in a living room.

Anyone who knows me knows that this grey/lime green color combo gives me so much joy!

Anyone who knows me knows that this grey/lime green color combo gives me so much joy!

I dig this sofa, but I have a feeling I’m the only one in my household who would approve this purchase.

Let’s all admire this dark grey sofa paired perfectly with yellow accents.

Are there any colors that you just must have in your home?

closet room

Home Decor: I’m obsessed with closet rooms

I have a confession, I am officially obsessed with closet rooms. “What is a closet room?” you may be thinking. Well, allow me to explain. A closet room is a bedroom that has been transformed into a closet. Closet rooms can be so complex and personalized and for that reason I have fallen in love with them.

I’ve always been very keen on organization and closet rooms allow you to organize your belongings in a way that best suits your wardrobe. In my case, shoes would be a focal point in my ideal closet space. I love the idea of using a bookcase to display my collection of footwear. That way, I’ll be able to wear more of my shoes as opposed to them being hidden in boxes all the time. In addition, I’d use my room as an office space and an area to let my creative juices flow.

My significant other and I move into a new home next month so hopefully I’ll be able to convince him to get on board with this closet room fantasy of mine. If not, we’re about to have the most jam-packed master closet in the world. If I do end up sharing a closet, I’ll make the best of it and organize it the best I can.

If your closet is spacious enough chances are your desire for a closet room won’t be as strong as mine. But as of right now, honey, my obsession shall continue…

Here are a few of the fabulous closet rooms I’ve seen online:


Closet Room/Office

If you could have a closet room how would you design it? 

Coming Soon…


I hope all is well with you. I’m super busy over here in this life of mine. This site has been neglected yet again. I’ve been debating within my head the direction I want to take with this particular blog. You may or may not know that I manage a completely different type of blog on Tumblr, NaturalHair. It’s a blog that I started a few years ago that is a go-to for natural hair care tips, inspiration and more. I love the amount of people I’m able to reach on that blog and the interest in natural hair in general is astounding. However, I’m a person with a wide range of interests.

I like so many things that I’ve felt the need to pursue these interests at different times and in different places. For once and for all, I want to do it all. And in one place. will be that place, I just need to make it that way. In my dream world, I’ll get this site designed to align with my personality which is pretty much all over the place.

 My interests include: 

  • Public Relations/ Brand Building
  • Hair
  • Makeup/ Beauty
  • Music/ Entertainment
  • Current Events
  • Home Decor/ Interior Design
  • Education
  • Fashion/ Shopping

With my broad range of interests, I will do my best to create interesting and consistent content. I am grateful that you’ve decided to follow me on this journey and I encourage you to tell a friend because we’re just getting started.

Until next time,

Alexandria B.


What’s your most marketable skill?

Starting a new job is a scary yet exciting experience. I remember being a senior in undergraduate school and I could not be told that my dream job wasn’t within reach. I mean, I had an internship at a major news station and had been awarded two scholarships within a year’s timeframe. I thought I was hot stuff and that any employer would be lucky to acquire me. A year post graduation, I found myself at the same job I’d had for several years even though I applied to over 30 jobs. Sure, I received a small promotion, but it was nowhere near what I thought I wanted to pursue as a career.

You may be wondering what I did next… I didn’t give up, that’s for sure. I ended up applying for jobs in another state and that’s when I finally got the opportunity to utilize my skills in a new, more exciting position. Throughout my job hunt I made sure my résumé reflected my most marketable skills. And depending upon what field you’re looking to enter, your “marketable skills” may be a little different from mine. Marketable skills include, but definitely aren’t limited to; typing, video editing, social media management, and being proficient in Microsoft Office.

In my opinion, being proactive and eager to learn in the most valuable, marketable skill in today’s competitive job market.

Employers shouldn’t expect a new graduate to instantly be a know-it-all, but they should appreciate a new employee who is enthusiastic about learning. This type of employee is more likely to be innovative and add value to the organization. So how can you showcase this skill in order to be considered a prime candidate by the employer of your dreams? It’s simple, seek knowledge. Find ways to educate yourself and remain up-to-date on developments within your field. Subscribe to related newsletters or magazines, read the latest research, enroll in a new class, or join a professional organization. These actions can show an employer that you’re not just looking for a random job, instead you’re passionate about the field you’re attempting to break into.

If you’re interested in some free professional development, you should consider checking out Webucator. The site currently provides Microsoft Office training and since proficiency in this operating system is pretty much a necessity for the modern worker, I’d suggest you capitalize on this exciting opportunity. 

What do you think is the most marketable skill in today’s job market?



Fashion Friday: Splurging on Luxury Items

Have you ever lusted after a fashion item you knew you couldn’t afford? I’m currently struggling with the decision to purchase a pair (or two) of Christian Louboutin’s “So Kate” patent leather pumps. They’re just so beautiful and the more I look at them, the more I realize I need them.

So what’s the issue? Do I have the money to buy these shoes? Yes. But can I afford them? No. Instead of paying $675 for a pair of pumps, I could make an extra two payments on my car or put the money toward student loan payments. Seeing as though I have other bills and obligations, I don’t think I should have the right to splurge at this point in my life. But is this a healthy way of thinking? You know what they say…

“You only live once.”

“Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself.” 

So Kate So Kate (Black)


I currently have one pair of Louboutin’s I received as a birthday gift a few years ago and I’ve worn them less than five times. I don’t always feel comfortable wearing them because I don’t have a Christian Louboutin lifestyle, in my opinion. As a school teacher, I’m not going to wear them around a bunch of 11-year-old children. I suppose I could wear them on dinner dates, but my significant other and I tend to be rather casual when we go out.

This leads me to a discussion question. Would you or do you splurge on luxury items? Why or why not?